Work On Your Game: Use the Pro Athlete Mindset to Dominate Your Game in Business, Sports, and Life

Work On Your Game: Use the Pro Athlete Mindset to Dominate Your Game in Business, Sports, and Life

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  • Full Title: Work On Your Game: Use the Pro Athlete Mindset to Dominate Your Game in Business, Sports, and Life
  • Autor: Dre Baldwin
  • Print Length: 272 pages
  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 1 edition
  • Publication Date: February 20, 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1260121372
  • ISBN-13: 978-1260121377
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Your game plan for career success―from International Basketball Pro Dre Baldwin
No one knows how to turn unrelenting self-belief into hard-and-fast career results better than Dre Baldwin. When everyone and everything was telling him to give up on his goal of playing pro basketball, he got focused on his future, and met the challenge head on. In the end, Baldwin succeeded―making a living playing basketball in leagues around the world―and in these pages, he shares all his secrets.
Whether you’re just starting out in business or looking to take your career to the next level, Work On Your Game provides the strategy you need to succeed from the inside-out. Dre Baldwin, or “DreAllDay,” as his fans know him, delivers an easy-to-understand four-part model for achieving any goal. It’s based on discipline, confidence, mental toughness, and personal initiative―and it’s proven effective. 
Baldwin takes you through the steps of identifying what’s expected of you, preparing for what’s coming, and conditioning your body and mind for the competitive world of business―and everything is a business.
Baldwin’s personal story of beating the odds is both inspiring and instructional. You’ll learn how to play the mental game in a way that launches you towards unparalleled achievement.

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“Practical, useful and urgent advice from someone who’s been in your shoes. There’s work to be done, get to it.”
— Seth Godin, author of This Is Marketing

“WORK ON YOUR GAME will help you bring discipline, confidence, and fearlessness to your work whether you’re in the boardroom, a start-up garage, or the sales office. It will show you where to put the work in to get the best results, when to take chances, and how to toughen up to meet daily challenges. Baldwin’s story and advice will inspire you to play your best — no matter what your game.”
— Daniel H. Pink, author of WHEN and DRIVE

From the Author

Work On Your Game is the culmination of over twenty years of trial, error, more error, and Mental Game learning that took me from a 14-year-old nobody neighborhood basketball hopeful to traveling the world playing my sport professionally, and how the principles I learned apply to your sport, business and life. 

This book focuses on the mentality I was forced to develop to keep myself showing up, believing in my game, putting myself out there to be seen and judged — and to keep going even when all the discipline and confidence I could muster wasn’t producing results.  I’ve taken all I learned and applied it to my professional athlete career, my business career, and to all of my life. Now, I bring the Work On Your Game philosophy to the world, one reader at a time. Let’s start with you.  – Dre Baldwin #WorkOnYourGame 

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